Our Life. Our Voice. Yount people and poverty.

Final event


On April 11th 2017 between 15-17, the project participants from Finland held its final event within the framework of the project Our Life. Our Voice. Young people and poverty. The purpose of the event was to give out the magazine Broke (n), created by the young people and highlighting the growing mental ill-health issues among young people in Finland and the challenges it brings in terms of isolation, exclusion and poverty.

The young people also wanted to highlight the need for a Youth center with low threshold activities in Jakobstad, that would work preventively, providing support and counseling for young people with health, work, personal economy and bureaucracy issues. All services coordinated in one place.


The event was held at Musikcafé After Eight and we invited the mayor of Jakobstad, local politicians, school curators, representatives of health care associations and other different organizations dealing with mental ill-health issues and the local press. About 70 people took part in our event. Speakers for of our group was Adriana Knispel and Jonas Tallgård who talked to the audience about the process of the project, the young people's view of mental ill-health and poverty and their work with the magazine Broke (n). We presented our film that the young people had made about their work process and the animated project film by YES forum was also played during the event. We handed out our magazine Broke(n) to the audience and the young people responded to questions, which opened up many interesting discussions around the topic. The press wrote articles in our local news papers that drew attention to the young people's work and desire for a low threshold acitivity Youth center in Jakobstad.


The Finnish project partners will continue to highlight the issues around mental ill-health and its consequences by distributing the magazine Broke(n). The magazine will be used as a tool to get young people's voices heard. The group also plans to give lectures in schools to highlight the importance of preventive measures at an early age to prevent mental ill-health problems in later life.


See more pictures here.


The magazine Broke(n)  briefly in english at the end


and The video.





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